K6-3 > AMDK6-3-400AHX
Modified: March 13, 2005, 6:27 pm
Data Code:9922
Transistors:21.3 Million
Package:321 Ceramic SPGA w/ Heatspreader
Process:0.25 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC translated to RISC86 w/ 3D Now!
Used in:Computers
Description:The K6-2 was based on the Nexgen 686. AMD bought
Nexgen and used there RISC86 core which allowed
much higher speeds then the old K5 core. The
K6-2 is merely an enhanced K6. It included
3d Now! which is 21 addictional instructions
for FPU intensive tasks.

It scaled in speed from 200MHz to over 550Mhz
Extending the life of the socket 7 platform by
several years. It was also made in mobile and
embedded versions (lower voltage and higher
temperature tolerance.). It also used busses from 66-100Mhz.

The K6-3 integrated 256k of L2 cache onto the CPU
die in order to boost performance. Coupled with
upto 2MB of L3 cache on the mother board the K6-3
almost NEVER had a cache miss and was a very good
performer. unfortunately at 21.33 Million
transistors they were expensive to make.

Starting with the 400 a new core was released
the 'CXT' core was faster and more efficient
in its caching routines.

Temp Spec: 65C
Bus: 100MHz