Modified: May 9, 2005, 4:56 pm
Type:Athlon XP K7
Data Code:0136
Transistors:37.6 Million
Process:0.18 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC on RISC86
Used in:Computers
Description:AMD Athlon XP processor family is the successor
to the Athlon CPU family. There were a few core
revisions in the Athlon XP family:

Palomino - the first core used in Athlon XP
processors. This core included full set of SSE
instructions, added a data prefetch mechanism and
increased the size of the Translation Look-aside
Buffer. Athlon XP Palomino CPUs had 266 MHz bus
speed, and were manufactured using 0.18 micron

Thoroughbred - this core had smaller die size due
to switching to 0.13 micron manufacturing
process. Athlon XP CPUs based on this core had
lower core voltage and lower power dissipation
than the Palomino processors. Bus speed of some
Thoroughbred processors was increased to 333 MHz.

Barton - this core doubled L2 cache size to 512
KB. Bus speed of the Athlon XP Barton processors
was increased to 400 MHz. Like the Thoroughbred
processors, all Barton microprocessors were
manufactured using 0.13 micron technology.

Thorton - this core is essentially the same as
the Barton core with L2 cache size slashed in
half - from 512 Kb to 256 Kb.

Beginning from the Athlon XP CPU family AMD
started to use rated speed instead of actual
processor speed.