Modified: March 15, 2005, 10:03 pm
Type:K7 Duron
Data Code:0239
Transistors:25.1 Million
Process:0.18 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC
Used in:Computers
Description:AMD Duron processor is a low-cost CPU based on
the K7 architecture. The first generation of
Duron processors used Spitfire core, which is
similar to the Athlon Thunderbird core with the
exception of L2 cache - the Duron had 64 KB L2
cache while the Athlon had 256 KB cache. Having
larger L1 cache, faster bus speed and more
powerful FPU unit, the Duron Spitfire processors
significantly outperformed their competitors -
Intel Celeron processors with 66 Mhz FSB. Even
after the bus speed on Celeron processors was
increased to 100 MHz, they were still lagging
behind the Duron CPUs.

The Spitfire core Durons were produced in speeds
up to 950 MHz. Faster AMD Duron processors used a
Morgan core. Like the Spitfire core is similar to
the Thunderbird core, the Morgan core takes most
of the features from the Athlon Palomino core.
The core was tweaked for greater performance by
implementing a full set of SSE instructions,
adding a data prefetch mechanism and increasing
the size of the Translation Look-aside Buffer.

The next Duron core - Applebred - was used in the
last three processors from the Duron family. In
these processors the bus speed was increased to
266 MHz, and the core voltage was reduced to
1.5V. The Applebred core was the last Duron core -
the Duron CPU family was phased out in favor of
new AMD Sempron family.

This is a Morgan core chip.