AMI > AMIS6800
Modified: March 15, 2005, 10:17 pm
Speed:1 MHz
Data Code:8430
Process:3 Micron
Architecture:8 bit
Used in:Control applications and Computers
Description:Motorola 6800 is a 8-bit microprocessor which was
released at about the same time as Intel 8080.
The 6800 had 16-bit address bus and could address
up to 64 KB of memory. From common registers the
CPU had only two accumulators and one index
register. The 6800 didn't have I/O instructions
and therefore 6800-based systems had to use
memory-mapped I/O for input/output capabilities.
Motorola 6800 started the big family of 680x
microcontrolers and microprocessors, some of
which are still produced today

The purple black package is one of the nicest
looking around. It is also very uncommon this
late in production (1984).