Atmel > AtmelAT90S8515-8PC
Modified: May 15, 2005, 8:03 pm
Type:MCS-51 / AVR
Data Code:0204
Architecture:8 bit AVR RISC 8051 pinout
Used in:Control applications
Description:The AT90S8515 is a low voltage (2.7V - 6V), high
performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on
the AVR enhanced RISC architecture. A rich
instruction set is combined with 32 general
purpose working registers. Each register is
connected to the ALU, allowing two independent
registers to be accessed in a single instruction.
This allows additions, subtractions, comparisions
to be completed in a single clock cycle. The
AT90S8515 is a powerful microcomputer which
provides a highly flexible and cost effective
solution to many embedded control applications.

The AT90S8515 provides the following features:

~ 8K bytes of Flash Memory
~ 512 bytes of EEPROM!
~ 512 bytes of Internal Ram
~ 32 I/O lines
~ one 8 bit timer/counter
~ one16-bit timer/counter
~ Programmable Serial UART
~ Dual 10 bit PWM
~ Analog Comparator
~ 8051 Pin Compatible

In addition, the AT90S8515 is designed with
static logic for operation down to zero
frequency. Also, the I/O lines have programmable
internal pull up resistors which can be
individually enabled for greater flexibility.