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Modified: May 15, 2005, 8:59 pm
Data Code:0336
Architecture:8 bit MCU
Used in:Control applications
Description:The DS80C400 network microcontroller offers the
highest integration available in an 8051 device.
Peripherals include a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, three
serial ports, a CAN 2.0B controller, 1-WireŽ
Master, and 64 I/O pins.

To enable access to the network, a full
application-accessible TCP IPv4/6 network stack
and OS are provided in ROM. The network stack
supports up to 32 simultaneous TCP connections
and can transfer up to 5Mbps through the Ethernet
MAC. Its maximum system-clock frequency of 75MHz
results in a minimum instruction cycle time of
54ns. Access to large program or data memory
areas is simplified with a 24-bit addressing
scheme that supports up to 16MB of contiguous

To accelerate data transfers between the
microcontroller and memory, the DS80C400 provides
four data pointers, each of which can be
configured to automatically increment or
decrement upon execution of certain data pointer-
related instructions. The DS80C400's hardware
math accelerator further increases the speed of
32-bit and 16-bit multiply and divide operations
as well as high-speed shift, normalization, and
accumulate functions.