Dallas > DallasDS87C530
Modified: May 15, 2005, 9:06 pm
Data Code:??
Package:52 CLCC
Architecture:8 bit MCU
Used in:Control applications
Description:The DS87C530/DS83C530 EPROM/ROM microcontrollers
with a real-time clock (RTC) are 8051-compatible
microcontrollers based on the Dallas high-speed
core. They use 4 clocks per instruction cycle
instead of the 12 used by the standard 8051. They
also provide a unique mix of peripherals not
widely available on other processors. They
include an on-chip RTC and battery backup support
for an on-chip 1k x 8 SRAM. The new Power
Management Mode allows software to select reduced
power operation while still processing.

A combination of high-performance microcontroller
core, RTC, battery-backed SRAM, and power
management makes the DS87C530/DS83C530 ideal for
instruments and portable applications. They also
provide several peripherals found on other Dallas
high-speed microcontrollers. These include two
independent serial ports, two data pointers, on-
chip power monitor with brownout detection and a
watchdog timer.

Power Management Mode (PMM) allows software to select a slower CPU clock. While default operation uses four clocks per machine cycle, the PMM runs the processor at 64 or 1024 clocks per cycle. There is a corresponding drop in power consumption when the processor slows.