80196 > IntelR87C196KB12
Modified: April 10, 2005, 7:19 pm
Data Code:8925
Package:68CLCC w/ UV Window
Process:1.5 Micron
Architecture:16 bit
Used in:Motor Control Applications and High Speed I/O
Description:The 80C196 is the first member in the family of
microcontrollers targeted at powertrain control
in automobiles. Commercial applications include
modem, motor-control systems, printers,
photocopiers, air-conditioner control systems,
disk drives and medical instruments. It operates
at up to 40 MHz and is highly integrated with a
large number of peripherals and 4K of RAM. The

80C196's demultiplexed address/data bus with 3
chip select outputs make it easier to design low
cost memory solutions.

This CMOS version has a built in UVEPROM. This
Is one of the nicest packages Intel designed.