80521 > IntelGJ80521EX200-1M-Q004
Modified: April 23, 2005, 8:05 pm
Type:Pentium Pro
Data Code:9713
Transistors:5.5 Million
Package:387 Modified SCPGA
Process:0.35 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC
Used in:Servers
Description:Intel Pentium Pro was the first processor from
the Intel Pentium II processor family. Targeted
for the server and workstation market, the
Pentium Pro included integrated 256KB, 512 KB or
1 MB L2 cache running at the processor speed. The
L2 cache in the Pentium Pro was not located on
the same die as the CPU core. The CPU was
packaged in a "dual cavity" package, where one
cavity contained the processor die and another
contained the L2 cache. As all other members of
the Pentium 2 family, the Pentium Pro was
optimized to run 32-bit applications and, when
running in 32-bit mode, it significantly
outperformed Pentium and Pentium MMX CPUs at the
same clock speed. At the same time Pentium Pro
performance with 16-bit applications was poor,
and often the processor was slightly slower than
similarly clocked Pentium/Pentium MMX processors.
Poor performance of the Pentium II core with 16-
bit applications was fixed in the desktop Pentium

The Pentium Pro processor was the only processor
from the Pentium II family that didn't have MMX

Cache: 1024K
Bus: 66MHz
Retail-Boxed/OEM: Engineering Sample
This is the most cache used on the Pentium Pro,
1MB. It is in a splendid package.