8x41 > IntelC8741A
Modified: May 7, 2005, 10:43 pm
Data Code:7937
Package:40CDIP w/ Gold Lid
Process:6 Micron
Architecture:8 bit Slave MCU
Used in:Basic Peripheral Control
MCS-41 are slave controllers commonly used
for keyboard control or other simple tasks
such as ADC control.

The Intel 8742 is a general-purpose Universal
Peripheral Interface that allows designers to
grow their own customized solution for
peripheral device control. It contains a
low-cost microcomputer with 2K of program
memory, 128 bytes of data memory, 8-bit
timer/counter, and clock generator in a
single 40-pin package. Interface registers
are included to enable the UPI device to
function as a peripheral controller in the
MCSÉ-48,MCS-51, MCS-80, MCS-85, 8088, 8086
and other 8-, 16-bit systems. The 8742 is
software, pin, and architecturally compatible
with the 8741A. The 8742 doubles the on-chip
memory space to allow for additional features
and performance to be incorporated in upgraded
8741A designs. For new designs, the additional
memory and performance of the 8742 extends the
UPI concept to more complex motor control
tasks, 80-column printers and process control
applications as examples.

8041 64x8 RAM 2k*8 PROM
8042 128x8 RAM 2k-8 PROM
8742 128x8 RAM 2k*8 EPROM