PODP > IntelPODPMT60X180
Modified: May 8, 2005, 12:19 am
Model:PODPMT60X180 V2.0
Type:Pentium Overdrive w/ MMX
Data Code:9730
Transistors:4.5 Million
Package:321 Ceramic SPGA w/ Heatspreader
Process:0.25 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC w/ MMX
Used in:Upgrade Kits.
Description:The Pentium (or P5) was the next in the line of
Intel x86 CPUs. The class of CPUs is known as
8050x, or Pentiums. Intel was going away from
branding CPUs as numbers (486 etc) as it was
ruled that Intel couldn't copyright numbers.

The Pentium has 16K of Cache (32k in MMX chips)
and could address 4GB of memory. In essence
it was 2 486s side by side. It was made in speeds
from 60MHz-300MHz, voltages from 1.8 (mobile) to
5.15V (origial Pentium).

There are several Flavors of the Pentium:
P5: Original 5V Socket 4
P54C: Socket 5/7 3.3V
P55C: Socket 7 Split Voltage 0.35u MMX

The early Pentiums had a bug called the FDIV Bug,
that under certain conditions would result in
faulty math. It was a PR nightmare and was fixed.
Overdrive for upgrading: P54C Systems
Voltage: 3V
MMX: Yes
Bus: 60MHz