PentiumII > Intel80523PY350512-Q309-ES
Modified: May 7, 2005, 1:32 am
Type:Pentium II
Data Code:9803
Transistors:7.5 Million
Package:240 SECC
Process:0.25 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC w/ MMX
Used in:Computers
Description:The Pentium II is the second of the P6 series.
The Pentium Pro was first. The PII includes
MMX instructions and fixes the slow 16-bit
performance of the Pentium Pro. It also marked
a transition away from socketed CPUs. As in the
PPRO, the 512K cache is seperate from the CPU
dies, but instead of including it in the same
cavity Intel chose to integrate it on a PCB.
This allowed them to use commercial (cheaper)
cache chips. With this though the cache ran at
1/2 CPU speed.

The PII was originally made on a 0.35u process
but transistioned to a much better 0.25u process.

The PII also saw the introduction of a 100MHz Bus
with the 350MHz and 400MHz CPUs.
80522 = 0.35u (Klamath)
80523 = 0.25u (Deschutes)
Note: The code names are both rivers
in Oregon that I have been on.
This is a Engineering Sample