PentiumIII > IntelRK80530PZ866512-QCU4ES
Modified: May 7, 2005, 3:49 pm
Type:Pentium III
Data Code:0103
Transistors:28 Million
Package:370 FCPGA w/ Heatspreader
Process:0.18 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC w/ MMX w/ SSE
Used in:Computers
Description:The Pentium III is the third in the P6 family.
It includes some enhancements over the PII.
It has SSE which is additional intructions
for working on multimedia code.
SSE = Streaming SIMD Extentions
SIMD = Single Instruction Multiple Data
Several versions of the PIII were made:
80525 PIII Katmai - 0.25 Micron Cache offchip
80526 PIII Coppermine - 0.18 Micron 256K of cache
integrated on the die
PIII Mobile - Low voltage PIII with on die cache
80530 PIII Tualatin - 512k Cache on Die and
lower voltages. Socket T

The Coppermine was available in both the SECC2
package and a Sooket 370 FCPGA
Tualatins were a modified Socket 370 called Socket T.

Pentium III CPUs spaned 1000MHz of speed (400
-1400). and were great performers. a P3 1400
will outperform a P4 2GHz.
Core: Tualatin
Cache: 512k
FSB: 133
This is an early Engineering Sample
Most 'Tuallies' were 1GHz+