Kingston > KingstonTCMMX-233i
Modified: April 18, 2005, 4:41 pm
Data Code:9920
Transistors:4.5 Million
Package:321 PPGA w/ Heatspreader on adapter (customized)
Process:0.35 Micron
Architecture:32 bit CISC w/ MMX
Used in:Upgrade Kits.
Description:The Kingston TurboChip 233i is one of the few
after market upgrades based on an actual Intel
CPU. It uses a PPGA Intel 233MHx MMX CPU running
at 2.8V core and 3.3V I/O. To allow it to run
in older systems Kingston places it in an adapter
where all power pins are removed, and feeds
it power through a power connector just like
that of a hard drive.