NationalSemi > NatSemi1NS4004D
Modified: May 30, 2005, 6:08 pm
Manufacturer:National Semiconductor
Data Code:7835
Package:16 CDIP w/ Gold lid
Process:10 Micron
Architecture:4 Bit
Used in:Calculators EPROM progammers
Description:The first microprocessor in history, Intel 4004
was a 4-bit CPU designed for usage in
calculators, or, as we say now, designed
for "embedded applications". Clocked at 740 KHz,
the 4004 executed up to 92,000 single word
instructions per second, could access 4 KB of
program memory and 640 bytes of RAM. Although the
Intel 4004 was perfect fit for calculators and
similar applications it was not very suitable for
microcomputer use due to its somewhat limited
architecture. The 4004 lacked interrupt support,
had only 3-level deep stack, and used complicated
method of accessing the RAM. Some of these
shortcomings were fixed in the 4004 successor -
Intel 4040.

National was the only 4004 second source.