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Cyrix MediaGX and National Semiconductor Geode Information
Manufacturing Code Explanation

If you're like me you have stared at the bottom of your MediaGX and asked "What the heck does that code mean?"
Well through hours of research, sifting through press releases and images as well as fab announcements and earnings reports The CPU Shack has been able to determine mostly what they mean. :)

Basically the MediaGX was made by IBM and by Nationalal Semiconductor. National had an overun contract with TSMC which I don't have any idea whether it was actually used. National DID use TSMC technology in their plant in South Portland, Maine.

Here are the basic release dates:

Date Speed (MHz)
February 20, 1997 133 (Original Release)
June 6, 1997 150
June 30, 1997 166, 180
March 18, 1998 233
August 25, 1998 266

After the sale of Cyrix to VIA in 1999 National continued to make the MediaGX (or Geode by that time) in speeds of up to 333MHz. ANY MediaGX, GX1, GXm or GXLV with a speed over 333 is a fake. I have several of these and they are listed in my raw data table at the bottom of this page. IBM made MediaGX parts at least through April of 1999. They began production no later then March 1997 (which fits perfectly with the release date). National began production of the MediaGX in August of 1998. It was a pilot project at their Santa Clara facility and rapidly expanded to their other plants. The latest known made part that I have seen was in Spetember 2000. The Geode division was sold to AMD in 2003 so there areundoubtably later ones made.

The GX Processor is clocked in a rather strange way. It's internal clock is based on the PCI bus. The PCI bus can be either 30MHz (150 or 180MHz) or 33MHz for all others. The jumpers (2 or 3 depending on revision) determine what to multiply this by. The maximum is 10, or 333MHz which is why there are no Geodes over 333MHz. The memory bus (you can call it the FSB if you like) is clocked at 1/3 the core clock. This means the memory can actually vary between 55MHz and 111MHz depending on what CPU is used.

Clocks speeds**
CLKMODE[2:0]^^ Multiplier Core (MHz) Memory (MHz)
001 10 333 111
010 9 300 100
011 5 166 55
100 and 000++
4 133 44
101 6 200 66
110 7 233 77
111 8 266 88
**Assuming 33MHz bus - 150 and 180MHz chips use a 30MHz Bus
++Test Mode Only
^^Older Systems only have CLKMODE[1:0] which uses different decoding. Maintains compatibility by assuming CLKMODE[2] = 1 on legacy sytems

National also created the GXLV which is the low voltage version of the GXm.
Released December 1999
Speed (MHz) Voltage (V)
166-200 2.2
233 2.5
266 2.9

National's design team in Herzlia, Israel reworked the GXm into the GX1 which is a lower power version with more features. It was available in speeds of 200-333MHz with voltages of 1.6-2.2V (scaled with speed) It is made specifically for Internet Appliances. It has a different graphics subsystem and an updated I/O companion chip. Relesed in April of 2000 (preliminary silicon was made one year previous to that) it also was the first integrated Pentium class processor to operate at less then 1 Watt (0.8-1.4 Typical). This was obtained by shrinking the die to 0.18u. These CPUs are used in hundreds of different Single Board Computers as well as Internet Appliances.

Speed (MHz) Voltage (V)
200 1.6
233-266 1.8
300 2.0
333 2.2

Identification of Manufacturing Codes

IBM Produced
National Produced

F = Fab that the Wafer was Produced in

R Santa Clara, CA (R&D Fab)
T South Portland, ME (TSMC Equipment?)
V South Portland, ME
R = Die Revision

B 0.x (Beta revision)
A 1.x
G 2.x
J 3.x

R = Die Revision

3 3.x
5 5.0-5.4
J 2.x
  This is odd with the date code so high. (possibly TSMC pilot)
8 8.x (GX1 )
F = Factory

D Burlington, Vt
K Bromont, Quebec
Q Shiga, Japan
A = Assembly Plant

A Santa Clara, CA
B South Portland, ME
C South Portland, ME
S Singapore
DD = Die Run Code xx = Lot number
Y = Year

7 1997
8 1998
9 1999
Y = Year

8 1998
9 1999
0 2000
WW = Week WW = Week
** = Lot Code (1 or 2 characters) DD = Die Run Code (AB - ZZ)

RAW DATA - If You have a MediaGX or Geode please e-mail me the data as there may be more variations

What we learn from the data:
National began production using a 3.0 die mask.
National had transitioned all Geodes to die revision 5.x by November of 1999.
National had transitioned to die revision 8.x by May of 2000

Front Back
GXm-200GP 85C 2.2V R5SK5918AB
GXm-200GP 85C 2.2V R5SK5913AH
GXm Cyrix 200 85C R5Sk5913AH
Cyrix 233 R5S5E901AD
Cyrix 233 R5SK6919AB
GXm-233GP R5SK6919AB
GXm-233GP 2.9V V5SG3847AB
GXm-266GP 2.9V V5SG3846AY
GXm-266GP 2.9V V5SG3844AD
Cyrix 266 V3SE3842AB
GXm-266GP 2.9V V3SE3842AD
GXm-266GP 2.9V V5SG3843AL
GXm-266GP 2.9V V3SE3836AG
GXm-266GP 2.9V ES V3SE3834AD
266GP 2.9V V1SE3834A0 (Chinese)
GXm-266GP 2.9V V5SG3845AB
GXm-266GP 2.9V R5SE3902AD
GXm-233GP 2.9V R5SE3902AG
GXm-500GP 30030-23 (fake) TJSBC943BA
NS GXM 366 (fake) TJSBC945BA
GXM-180P 2.9V 70C 30030-23 TJSBC945AH
Cyrix 366 (fake) TJSBC945AT
Cyrix 433 (fake) V5SG3845AJ
Cyrix GXm-266BP 2.9V 85C 30171-53 R5SF5924AB
Cyrix GXm-233BP 2.5V 65C 30157-33 V5SF6934AF
GXLV-166B 2.2V 85C 30129-13 BGA black print V5SF6948AG
NS GXM-266B-2.9V-85C 30171-53 BGA V5SF6023AF
GXLV-200P 2.2V 85C 30046-23 V5SK6025AG
NS G1-233B-85-1.8 QQ VS0029129
NS GX1 300 ES VS0029129
NS GX1 200 V5SKA019AD
GXLV-200P 2.2V 85C 30046-23 V5SK6020AG
GX1-266B-85-1.8 V8SKA026AF
GX1-200B-85-1.6 V8SKA027AD
GX1-233B-85-1.8 V8SKA030AD
GX1-300B-85-2.0 black print BGA V8SKA031AJ
GXLV-233B 2.5V 85C 30157-33 black print BGA V5SF6032AF
NS GX1 300 V8SKA034AF
GX1-300B-85-2.0 black print BGA V8SKA037AB
GX1-200B-85-1.6 BGA V8SKA037AG
GX1-300B-85-2.0 black print V8SKA037AJ
GX1-300B-85-2.0 black print V8SKA038AK
GX1-300B-85-2.0 black print V8SKA040AB
GX1-233B-85-1.8 V8SKA106AF
GXM-266P 2.9V 70C 30070-53 V5SK6109AB
GX1-300B-85-2.0 laser print V8SKA131AB A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA131AD A2
GX1-233B-85-1.8 laser print V8SKA144AC A2
GX1-233B-85-1.8 laser print V8SKA201AB A2
GX1-233B-85-1.8 laser print V8SKA201AC A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA202AC A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA213AB A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA224AE A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA230AD A2
GX1-233B-85-1.8 laser print V8SKA242AG A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA243AH A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA245AC A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2SKA313AB A3
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V8SKA317AD A2
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2SKA342AC A3
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2S0A402AC A3
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2S0A402AD A3
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2S0A404AC A3
GX1-300B-85-2.0 V2S0A413AC A3
NS GXLV-166B 2.2V 85C 30129-13 BGA V5SF6934AB
GXLV-233B 2.5V 85C 30157-33 BGA V5SF6023AF
Geode SC1210UCL-266 ES VS0108107-11 B2
Geode SC2200UCL-233 VS112AB B3
Geode SC1200UCL-266 ES VS130AF B3
Geode SC3200UCL-266 ES VS142AH B3
Geode SC1200UCL-266 ES VS206AL ES B3
Geode SC1200UCL-266 VS236AN D2

B is a Beta die revision. Production dies started at A.
Japanese made MediaGX devices are rather uncommon

120BP (Gx86 logo) 3.3V or 3.6 G8KA5646P
120BP 3.3 or 3.52 G8KA5646Q
120BP 3.6V G8KA5649Q CANADA
120BP 3.6V or 3.3V G8KA5652B
133BP 3.6V (Gx86 logo) GBKD8705C
133BP 3.6 GBKD8706Q
120BP 3.6 G8KA5706E CANADA
133BP 3.6V GBKD8706Q
120BP 3.3V or 3.52 G8KA5707B CANADA
133BP 3.6 GBKD8709G
120BP 3.3V 85C GBKD9710A
150BP 3.6 GBKD9711F
GXI 150BP 2.9V GADC3723M USA
GXI-180BP 2.9V GAKC3725T
133BP 3.6V GBKJ9732x
133BP 3.6V GBKJ9733x
150BP 5X 3.6V GBKJ9738V
133BP 3.6V GBKJ9738x
Cyrix GXI180 BGA 2.9V GAKC4738K CANADA
150BP 5X 3.6V GBKJ9738x CANADA Lots of these
180BP 2.9V GAKC4743F
180BP 2.9V GAKB4743K (on a wierd adapter thinf)
GXI-200BP 2.9V GAKC5744B
180BP 2.9V GAKC5746x CANADA
GXm-200GP 2.9V 60C GGDC6747A
GXI-166BP 2.9V GAKC5748C
166BP 2.9V GAKC5748x CANADA
Cyrix 200 60C GGDC6748H USA
Cyrix 300 60C (Fake) GGDA6749U USA
166BP 2.9V GAKC5750x CANADA
GXI-180BP 2.9V GAKC5751M
180BP 2.9V GAKC5751x CANADA
Cyrix 180 GGKC6751AC -Canada
180 2.9V GGDA6750B
GXm-200GP 2.9 80C GGKA6750G
GXm-200GP 2.9 80C GGKC6750Q
GXm-180GP 2.9 80C (Stu) GGKC6801G
GXm-200GP 2.9 80C GGDA7802K
GXm-200GP 2.9V 80C GJDA9805B
GXm-200GP 2.9V 80C GGKC7805C
200 60C GGKC6805F Canada
Cyrix 180 80C GGDC6809A USA
180BP silver GAKC5811x CANADA
180BP silver GAKC5812x CANADA
Cyrix 233 GJDAB814C USA
Cyrix 233 GJDBC817E USA
180 2.9V GJKCC822C CANDA
180BP 2.9V silver GAKC6829U
133BP 3.6V G8KA5845G CANADA Gx86
180 GJQBC923A Japan

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If you know of any more MediGX info etc. Please e-mail me and I will add it.

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