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CPU Reference Section

Information to help you ID what you have, want or need. I also have some datasheets available via e-mail. These guides, and reference materials are designed for research, history or general browsing. If you require additional information please feel free to ask. If you notice an error or have additional info please let me know so I can keep these resources up to date. Also see: The CPU Shack International Shipping Service.

History of the MCS-51 Microcontroller (by Jan W.) <- NEW 06-09-2006

Cyrix Memorabilia

Upgrade Processors and Overdrives

UV-EPROM Guide <-Updated 05-19-06

What is a Microcontroller?

Intel Microcontroller Families

Cooking Apple CPUs

HP PA-RISC Identification <--Updated 02-15-06

Antique Computers and The CPUs that Made Them Tick. <-Updated 07-13-2006

Computers in Space

East German, Polish, Bulgarian and Soviet CPU ID Guide

CPU Overclocking

Life Cycle of the CPU <- Updated 07-13-2006

Die Photo Gallery

Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present (V 13.4.0)

Embedded Microprocessor Info

Other CPU Related Press Releases

CPU Announcements / Press Releases

MediaGX / Geode CPU Guide

Intel RapidCAD CPU

MIPS CPU Reference Guide

AMD 29K Reference Guide

How a CPU Microprocessor Is Made

SiS SiS55x Embedded x86 Processors

ULi M6117C Embedded 80386SX

VIA CPU Overview

CPU Package Types

Intel i960 Reference Guide

Socket ID Guide

History of Microprocessor Companies


IBM and Cyrix CPU ID Guide

Links to Manufacturers sites

Mergers, Aquisitions, Spin-Offs

Logos of Microprocessor and other IC Companies

Links to Datasheet archives:


If you are looking for a datasheet to the
NEC D7810HG or D7810 I DO have them.

Please e-mail me to get them

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