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SiS SiS55x Embedded x86 Processors

Released October 4th, 2001, the single chipset, SiS550 family, provides a high performance/low cost SoC (System on Chip) solution by integrating an x86 compatible processor, high performance North Bridge, advanced hardware GUI engine and Super-South bridge. In addition, SiS550 family complies with Easy PC Initiative that supports Instantly Available/OnNow PC technology, USB, Legacy Removal, CIR, Memory Stick, Smart Card and Slotless Design for a variety of IA (Information Appliance) applications.
SiS550 family integrates a high-performance processor that supports x86 instruction set with 3 integer units, 3-way superscalar architecture, and a fully pipelined floating point unit. In addition, the processor is a power-efficient design that optimizes the power consumption for information appliance applications.



This is a 1.9V (3.3/5V I/O tolerant) Embedded CPU based on the Rise CPU design (they bought an IP license from Rise in October, 1999). The SiS55x is actually considerably faster then the MediaGX and Geode CPUs that it competes with, even at lower speeds. It is fully x86 compatible and and includes the following features:

- 128bit AGP 4X Graphics (up to 128MB SMA)

- 5.1 Channel DirectSound Audio

- Supports 2 DIMMs (1GB max)

- S/W Modem Support

- ACPI 1.2 Compatible

- Integrated UDMA100 IDE Controller

- Pipelined FPU

- 3 Integer Pipelines

- 686 BGA Package

- 8-Stage Pipeline

- 8K Instruction Cache (2-Way)

- 8K Data Cache (2-Way)

The SiS55x operates on extremely low power.

CPU Speed Voltage Power (Watts)
SiS55x 166 1.7 2.2
SiS55x 180 1.8 2.9
SiS55x 200 1.9 3.9
SiS55x-LV 250 1.5 1.76
SiS55x-LV 266 1.5 1.8

These low power chips allow for very dense integration. The below system operates on 8 Watts with a 2.5" hard disk

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This is the Low-Voltage version of the SiS55x and runs at 1.5V with an operatiing frequency of 250-266MHz. It was released on March 5th, 2003.

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Integrated Smart Card and Memory Stick controller. Mainly used for security applications.
This chip has largely been superceded by the SiS552.

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Includes all the features of the SiS551 in and adds MPEG2 Decoding, DVD Acceleration and VCD/DVD output. This is the most popular of the 55x series for Internet Appliances and Digital Media boxes.

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DM&P M6127D

The M6217D is a custom specification SiS551 marketed by Jan Yin Chan Electronics Co., LTD (DM&P) as the Vortex86.
DM&P also manufactures several SBCs around this CPU all operating at 166MHz.

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