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ULi M6117C Embedded 80386SX

ULi is a subsidary of ALi that was created in July, 2004. They now make North Bridge, South Bridge and other chipset solutions as well as the M6117C embedded CPU. The have been making the M6117C now for over 4 years. It is unusual that most people (and collectors/museums) are unfamiliar with ULi let alone this CPU. The M6117C is the basic embedded 386. Clients may specify additional specifications for the device.

The M6117C is a highly integrated, low voltage, single-chip implementation of IntelTM 386SX compatible microprocessor plus ALi M1217B chipset. The M6117C provides the following functions :

1) IntelTM 386SX core (5V - 25-40MHz Operation)
2) Supports EDO DRAM controller including FP mode (4 Bank)
3) Coprocessor Interface
4) ISA interface
5) Peripheral Interface:
  2 x Cascaded 8237 DMA Controllers
1 x 74612 Memory Mapper
2 x Cascaded 8259 Interrupt Controllers
1 x 8254 Program Counter
6) Built-in RTC
7) Built-in PS2 Keyboard Controller and Mouse
8) Built-in WATCHDOG timer
9) 16-bit Genaral Purpose I/O
10) IDE interface.

DM&P M6117D

The M6117D is a custom specification M6117 marketed by Jan Yin Chan Electronics Co., LTD (DM&P). THe M6117D is fully compatible with the M6117C 'out-of the box' but upon driving pin 16 high it redefines 22 pins which add several features.

1. Stand-along support IDE interface.
2. 16 bit general purpose input and output pins
3. 2 channel programmable chip select.
4. ISA slot Reset DRV inverter RESETL output.

DM&P (aka iCOP Technology) provides enbedded devices and solutions to many markets and EMS services in China.
They also make the 166MHz Vortex86 (M6127D) which is an embedded solution based on the SC550 by SiS.

If you have any more information on the M6117C please let me know

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