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Current as of 06-16-2009

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Note2: One shipping charge covers as many chips as you buy.

International Shipping - $7.00 USAShipping - $3.50

Intel PIII Mobile QCH5ES
Price: $12.00

IBM Power PC 601
Price: $5.00

Intel MD8748
Price: $10.00

Intel P80A49H Automotive spec CPU's set of 4
Price: $10.00
Intel P80A49H

AMD K6/233ANR Big Logo (CPUs are better then the picture
Price: $12.00
AMD K6 Big Logo

AMD Am29040-33GC - AMD 29K RISC Family CPU
Price: $10.00

Intel IXF1024ECA0 Engineering Sample - Network Processor
Price: $8.00
Intel IXF

MME U555C - East German Intel C2708 EPROM
Price: $9.00

Intel N8097BH MCU (68 pin PLCC)
Price: $8.00


Zilog Z86E0412PSC 8bit CPU (18 pin skinny DIP)
Price: $7.00
AMD PQFP 5x86 New Old Stock
Price: $10.00
IC Storage Tubes
Price: $1.00
Standard Anti-staic IC storage Tubes, fits most all EPROMs and 40 DIP CPU's
Buy as many as you like.
(Note extra shipping may apply)

Philips MAB8049H
Price: $2.00
National Semiconductor ISP-8A 200KHz CPU

NEC upD78C14G 15MHz 8bit CPU
Price: $3.00

Intel Pentium-M Dothan Sample

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