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Current Manufacturers of CPU MCU and MPU semiconductors

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ARM liscenses its technology to many companies such as Hagenuk.
Makers of the K6 K7, Opteron etc, as well as many integrated CPUs such as the Elan486 and Geode
Atmel - Makers of 8x5x based MCUs as well as ARM based MCUs
California Micro Devices: Use to make 65xx CPUs
Cypress Makes small scale MCUs
Dallas-Maxim makes VERY fast (50MHz) 8051 flash MCUs
Fairchild formerly made several popular MCUs
Fujitsu made second source Intel chips and also has fabbed CPUs for SUN and other companies. They still make MCUs
HP makes the PA-RISC series of server CPUs
Hitachi - Makes several MCUs
IBM has designed and built many CPUs such as the RS6000 and Power5 CPUs
IDT - Formerlly made the Winchip, Now makes very small MCUs
Intel - Makes about everything. It all started with the 4004
LSILogic - Has fabbed CPUs for Sun. Mainly a ASIC and logic company.
Microchip - Makers of the famous PIC MCUs
Mitsubishi made Intel clones (8080s etc) and now makes MCUs
Motorola - Makers of the famous 68xx and 680xx line as well as PowerPC chips for Apple.
National - Formerly makers of Cyrix and the Geode. The now make MCUs
OKi Semiconductor - Made Intel clones 8085 etc and now makes MCUs
Phillips - Same as Oki as far as products go.
PMC-Sierra purchased QUantum Effect Devices and now makes MIPS based processors.
Realtek makes NIC chips as well as 6502s
Rise made the MP6 MP6-2 and the iDragon CPUs
ST made 486s Pentiums and Z80s, they now make other MCUs and are one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.
Samsung has fabbed chips for the Alpha and others
Siemens now called Infineon, now mainly makes memory but still has a line of MCUs
TI makes MCUs and DSPs as well as many other products (486s/386s in the past)
VIA makes CPUs based on the winchip and Cyrix as they bought both of these companies in the late 90s
WDC is a current producer of the 6502
Zilog STILL makes the venerable Z80 CPU which has its origins in the Intel 8080.

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