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Cooking Apple CPU's

I recently acquired a large batch of old Apple PowerMac CPU boards.
As you well know these are about 4x8 boards with a whole bunch of chips on them.
The only chip we care about is the PowerPC 601. It is packaged in a 308 pin CQFP
package. I am not near good enough to unsolder that by hand, however I CAN cook.

I had all of 39 of these CPUs so I needed something that worked extremely well. My oven
nicely fit 6 at a time in. THe Dough boy hot pad is a must when baking Apples.

The oven temperature was set at 375º F. This is quite hot and I was worried it may melt
things other then the solder.but it didn't, the boards came out very limp ( I grabbed them
with a hot pad )

A quick 'shake' of the boards over the counter resulted in the components flying off. You
must be careful that none of the SMD components stick to the leads on the CPU as they
will be very hard to remove when the solder hardens. This process was dangerous to
perform as the lighter SMD parts went flying. Wearing shorts and bare feet is NOT
recommended when doing this. I ended up with a 10K resistor on my big toe which
influenced me to dance the 'cha cha' around my kitchen. Further note: SMD caps will
plug your drain.

After I shook the CPUs off the boards I threw the piping hot Apples into the pan on the
floor. This resulted in the release of yet more formerly captive SMD parts which
scattered about my kitchen. Again bare feet and hot SMD do NOT mix. I think I was
doing the 'Texas Two Step' at this point.

I swept up the floor and counter and recovered a great deal of SMD stuff.
Mmmm looks like Apple toppings. They made a lovely sounds when I sent then
down 11 stories of garbage shoot. The Mrs. Butter Worths is good for added flavor.

And a pile of the baked CPUs. They turned out in great shape.

Nothing like fresh baked Apple CPU.
Note the pins are in great shape. If you
wish to purchase a baked Apple CPU
they are on sale now for 5USD.
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Many Apples were injured or destroyed in the making of this page


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